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Gain a deeper understanding of the sustainability issues most relevant to your business.


Thought Leadership Reports and Whitepapers


Strategic consulting on ESG issues


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About Eco-Business’s ESG Intelligence

Our ESG Intelligence unit offers research, advisory and training services that help businesses not only gain a deeper understanding of their markets and the sustainability issues most relevant to them. We also provide well-informed advice on strategic ESG-related business decisions.

Our team of researchers, writers and sector specialists help our clients curate and analyse the information they need across all geographies and industries through a sustainability lens.

We conduct customised briefings, employee engagement sessions and board level strategy workshops and training both virtually and in person to organisations of all sizes.

In keeping with its core domain knowledge, Eco-Business focuses on a wide range of sectors, including finance, technology, building and construction, energy, food & agriculture, consumer goods, manufacturing, government, transport, waste, water, and more.


Thought Leadership Reports and Whitepapers

Working with the award-winning journalists from the Eco-Business news desk, Eco-Business Research can write, produce and design industry whitepapers, benchmarks and thought leadership pieces consisting of primary and secondary research to help an organisation make a compelling business case to its clients or to track developments in a specific area.

These reports can also be further published and promoted across Eco-Business’s online channels. We are also able to host, anchor or moderate seminars, roundtables or events to further achieve your thought leadership objectives. This would help foster greater stakeholder engagement as well as create longevity for any content created.

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In-depth investigative reports by the Eco-Business team on a wide range of issues related to sustainable development in the region and beyond.

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Browse a wide range of thought leadership research and whitepapers by our sustainable development community.


Strategic consulting on ESG issues

Eco-Business Consulting provides bespoke advisory services for businesses, government agencies and NGOs across a wide range of ESG issues.

As pioneers in the sustainability sector, we have gained a strong track record of helping our partners and clients integrate ESG principles into their business strategy. We help our partners design and implement an effective sustainability strategy across their organisation and to monitor and disclose relevant ESG metrics according to the most relevant disclosure standards.

Our advisory services include strategy development, industry landscaping and analysis, impact measurement, materiality assessment and gap analysis, peer benchmarking, media and communications, and more.


ESG training and upskilling across all levels in an organisation

Eco-Business has an established track record of delivering training for organisations on a wide range of sustainability issues. We help businesses keep their pulse on ESG trends, upskill their employees, and respond to the rapidly evolving business landscape to maintain their competitive advantage.

As subject matter experts on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) trends, Eco-Business is the perfect partner to deliver comprehensive and interactive training courses that fits your strategic objectives.

Our training courses can be delivered as a series of customised modules over a chosen duration, or individual off-the-shelf courses. These can be conducted over half- or full-day sessions or bite-sized two hours sessions to suit your scheduling needs.

Our selection of training programmes include:

  1. Major ESG trends and its relevance to your industry
  2. Sustainability reporting, disclosure standards and frameworks
  3. The essentials of ESG for Asia
  4. Science-based targets and roadmaps to Net Zero
  5. How sustainable finance is driving ESG adoption
  6. Pivoting into a career in sustainability and upskilling

If you would like to get a quote or some advice on a particular project, please contact us or individual members of our team.

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